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July 11th, 2012

Posted by Rich Kedzierski

Everything Reptiles Classifieds

We have branched over into Creating a Classifieds Forum for the Reptile Industry. This classifieds setup will be clean and not botched up like others. We will ALWAYS keep it Banner/Advertisement free. There are Many Memberships to sign up for to enable Classifieds privileges. For Limited time All new registered members will be given 30 days FREE membership, so you can try before you buy.

Some perks of being a Paid Member for the classifieds are as Follows-

  • Post Ads in any category

  • Unlimited Ads Posted

  • Bump your ads to the top of category

  • Modify your posts and replies in any ad

  • Delete your Posts and Ads

  • Add Photo Attachments to your ads

  • Move your topics to a different Section if posted in wrong section

  • Will have a Gold Medal Displayed on your Posts

  • To get started today and try out the classifieds, Click the Forum Link up top in the menu and Register. Registration is ALWAYS free for all members, as well as some categories that all members can post in.

    Thanks for your Support, Hope to see you there!